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Biology (Stage 1)

Biology (Stage 1)



formulate a research question with a prediction
Recall that in a fair test only one factor/variable may be changed
Select a suitable method from a choice of different experimental methods

Identify independent, dependent and controlled variables in a given experimental procedure.

Organize data in a table and draw a bar and/or scatter graph
Describe the trend in a graph
Identify a mistake in a method that failed to allow for a fair test
Summarize the findings of an experiment
Apply basic scientific language correctly.

Identify and interpret the hazard symbols denoting harmful, toxic, flammable, oxidizing and corrosive.

State the uses of common laboratory glassware such as beaker, conical flask, measuring cylinder and test tubes
State the name of the equipment for measuring time (stop watch/stop clock), mass (electronic balance/ beam balance/Balance), temperature (thermometer), volume of liquid (measuring cylinder) and volume of gas (gas syringe/ inverted measuring cylinder)



1       Biology

1.1     Cells and Organisms

Candidates should be able to:

1.1.1       state the characteristics of living organisms

1.1.2       state the main components of animal and plant cells and describe their functions

1.1.3       State that cell divisions (mitosis) produce identical cells

1.1.4       Describe the features of tissues, organs and organ systems

1.2     Biochemistry of life

Candidates should be able to:

1.2.1       State that carbohydrates (sugars), lipids (fats and oils) and proteins are major groups of biological molecules

1.2.2       State examples of foods that are rich in carbohydrates, lipids and proteins

1.2.3       State that DNA stores genetic information in all living organisms

1.2.4       State that enzymes facilitate biochemical reactions

1.2.5       State the word equation of aerobic cell respiration and outline the importance of aerobic cell respiration

1.2.6       interpret data from experiments investigating the effect of exercise on breathing rates

1.2.7       State the word equation of photosynthesis and outline the importance of photosynthesis

1.2.8       formulate problems and suggest methods for simple experiments investigating the effect of external factors on photosynthesis

1.2.9       interpret data from experiments investigating the effect of external factors on photosynthesis

1.2.10    Discuss the use of greenhouses to optimize the conditions for photosynthesis/plant growth

1.3     Humans as Organisms

Candidates should be able to:

1.3.1       identify and name the parts of the circulatory, respiratory and digestive system and state their functions

1.3.2       describe nutrition, including balanced diets and the effects of vitamin C and protein deficiencies

1.3.3       discuss and analyse impacts of food processing on nutrition

1.3.4       outline the relationships between diet, fitness and circulatory disorders

1.3.5       interpret information about the effects of smoking on health

1.3.6       describe how muscles are arranged in antagonistic pairs and state that muscles contract to facilitate movement

1.3.7       explain the roles of the skeleton, joints and muscles in movement.

1.3.8       State major human sense organs and describe their function.

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