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Biology (Stage 2)

Biology (Stage 2)


1.1     Plants

Candidates should be able to:

1.1.1       state the names of the major organs in flowering plants and describe their functions

1.1.2       outline the mineral requirements of and the transport of water in flowering plants

1.1.3       describe the process of sexual reproduction in flowering plants including pollination, fertilization, seed formation and dispersal

1.2     Genetics and biotechnology

Candidates should be able to:

1.2.1       state that genetic information stored in DNA determines heritable characteristics of organisms

1.2.2       state that all living organisms use DNA to store information in the same way

1.2.3       state that meiosis produces sex cells that have half the normal quantity of DNA and that sex cells pass DNA on from one generation to the next

1.3     Variation, Classification and Evolution

Candidates should be able to:

1.3.1       state examples of variation within species

1.3.2       identify plants and animals using keys

1.3.3       apply the binomial system to name organisms

1.3.4       classify living organisms into major groups, such as kingdoms, phyla of animals and plants, classes of vertebrates and main classes of arthropods

1.3.5       outline how selective breeding can lead to new varieties

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