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Chemistry (STAGE 1)

Chemistry (STAGE 1)

States of Matter and Physical Change


1.1     States of Matter and Physical Change

  Candidates should be able to:
State the building blocks of matter as atoms, ions and molecules

Draw a diagram of the arrangement of particles in the three states of matter


1.1.1       describe solids, liquids and gases in terms of particle theory

Describe the three states of matter in terms of the movement and arrangement of the particles

State that matter is made up of particles that are moving continuously

1.1.2       explain changes of state, dissolving and diffusion using simple kinetic particle theory


1.1.3       distinguish between solutes, solvents and solutions

outline the use of filtration, magnetization, winnowing and decantation to separate mixtures.

1.1.4       design methods for obtaining pure substances from different mixtures

Describe an experiment to separate a given mixture into its various components

1.1.5        Big ideas

State that no new material is made in a physical change and as such both the chemical and physical properties stay the same.

1.1.6       distinguish between physical and chemical changes

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