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1.1     Entrance Examination Standards for English


Students should be able to:

  1. read a wide range of narrative, non–fiction and media texts; these may include novels, short stories, drama scripts, poetry, journals, diaries, letters, leaflets, magazines, newspapers and advertising material
  2. interpret explicit meaning, select, collate and summarise facts and ideas, using their own words where appropriate to demonstrate understanding
  3. interpret and comment on opinions expressed by a writer
  4. understand vocabulary and comment on a writer’s use of language, such as in an informal or formal style, the choice of words to create an atmosphere or to persuade the reader
  5. interpret implied meaning, such as the inference of character from what someone says or does in a text, or the meaning contained in an image
  6. comment on the main features of narrative writing, such as character, setting, theme and the way in which a plot is put together
  7. demonstrate understanding of features of narrative, non-fiction and media texts by developing them in their own discussion and writing, for example, a further episode about a family portrayed in a book, or providing the wording for an advertisement
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