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English Stage 3

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Students should be able to:

  1. write for a variety of purposes, such as to inform, explain, describe, explore, imagine, entertain, argue, persuade, instruct, analyse, review and comment
  2. write in a wide range of forms, such as stories, poems, play scripts, autobiographies, personal letters, diaries, formal letters, persuasive writing, advertising copy, newspaper reports and articles, reviews, arguments, information sheets, notes and leaflets
  3. begin to develop a sense of audience and to engage the reader’s attention
  4. structure their writing, using paragraphs and sequencing events, details and ideas within paragraphs
  5. use varying styles of writing appropriate to different forms


Students should be able to:

  1. use full stops, capital letters, commas and question marks to make meaning clear, and show awareness of other forms of punctuation, including the presentation of dialogue
  2. spell correctly the words they use
  3. learn a range of vocabulary appropriate to their needs, and use vocabulary in speech and in writing to clarify meaning and to interest their audience
  4. use a range of increasingly complex sentence structures to communicate meaning and to give fluency to their speech and writing
  5. use correct grammar, including tense, case and word order

speaking and listening

Students should be able to:

  1. speak for a variety of purposes, such as to explain, describe, narrate, explore, analyse, imagine, discuss, argue, and persuade
  2. participate in speaking and listening activities in order to discuss and prepare assignments
  3. begin to make significant contributions to group discussions and help to plan and to give group presentations
  4. hold conversations with others on familiar subjects
  5. develop the ability to listen courteously to others and to be sensitive to turn-taking
  6. practise speaking fluently at an appropriate pace
  7. practise speaking clearly at an appropriate volume
  8. use a range of vocabulary and sentence structures to make speech interesting and convincing
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