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1        ALGEBRA

1.1      Manipulation

Candidates should be able to:

1.1.1      Use letters to represent unknowns substitute in a formula and transform simple formulae

1.1.2      Find the solution of linear equations, simple simultaneous and quadratic equations using algebraic manipulation

1.1.3      Demonstrate an understanding of simple inequalities

1.1.4      Use directed numbers and use brackets to extract common factors

1.1.5      Use and interpret positive, negative and zero indices.


1.2      Graphs

Candidates should be able to:

1.2.1      Use Cartesian co-ordinates  to identify points and plotting points in the Cartesian plan.

1.2.2      Draw and interpret the graphs of simple functions, use of tables of values and find the gradient of straight line graphs

1.2.3      Draw and interpret graphs in practical situations

1.2.4      Find the solution of linear and simple simultaneous equations using graphs

2        SPACE

2.1      Measure

Candidates should be able to:

2.1.1      Use standard units of mass, area, volume and capacity, express quantities in terms of larger or smaller units

2.1.2      Calculate times in terms of the 24-hour and 12-hour clock systems

2.1.3      Calculate using money solve problems on personal and household finance involving simple interest, discount, profit and loss

2.1.4      Calculate average speed and other compound measures

2.1.5      Calculate the perimeter and area of triangles, quadrilaterals and circles, and the volumes derived from these shapes.

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